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Sammy Guevara & Ricky Starks wrestle B.Room & M’op with a flaming table spot

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For this week’s weirdest thing in professional wrestling, Sammy Guevara and Ricky Starks formed a tag team to wrestle a broom and a mop. It is as ridiculous and entertaining as you would expect.

The backstory is Starks losing to B.Room in a highly amusing empty arena street fight. The feud was taken up a notch when Starks and Guevara formed the Stroke Gods tag team to wrestle B.Room and M’op.

Alex Marvez provided a breakdown for the match.

Brian Cage and Sonny Kiss offered predictions in favor of the Stroke Gods, while Chris Van Vliet and Marko Stunt chose B.Room and M’op. Konnan went with a swerve angle where Super Giant Panda stands tall, plays Wu-Tang Clan, blazes a blunt, and pours a bowl of Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs cereal.

Let’s get to the match. 12 minutes of shenanigans including a barb wire cut and a flaming table spot.

In the end, Starks returned to the arena after being burned with fire. He got the hot tag to clean house with a double chokeslam. Starks continued the pressure with a tombstone piledriver to B.Room. Sammy tagged in for a swanton to win.

Where does this match stack up with the greats? Do you want more in the saga between the Stroke Gods against B.Room and M’op? What was your favorite moment of the tag team duel?