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Matt Hardy’s Free The Delete is the most fun you can have with impending free agency

House Hardy just dropped the latest edition of their Free The Delete series on us this afternoon (Jan. 10). In just two minutes and 35 seconds, it’s chock full of what we expect from Matt Hardy these days - bat$#!+ craziness with its own continuity, with lots of interpretable easter eggs about what’s to come for the elder Hardy Boy.

In case you’ve missed any of the previous installments of the Reby Hardy shot and produced series, they just released a master cut featuring all of them a couple days ago. You can find that here.

Today’s seventh episode (embedded above) starts moments after Matt lost “The Woken Deletion”. He’s informed that means his vessel is in limbo, because Abomination (who also goes by the name Abigail... do we know any Abigails, Fireflys?) and Kennegan have infected the last spirit to inhabit Matt. Zenith will no longer exist past 3220 (a number which certainly doesn’t have anything to do with Hardy’s WWE contract being up in March of this year).

Not even the Hardy Starcade or the compound’s cinema can cheer up our hero after that, so it falls on Queen Rebecca to slap some sense into him. Matt goes off to ROAR until he gets his broken brilliance back.

It sure looks like WWE’s Woken version is done. Where will the Broken One reappear? Or will Matt show up somewhere more elitely dynamic in a different, exalted form in a couple months?

Can’t wait to find out.

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