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The world needs more Scott Steiner interviews

Noelle Foley caught up with the one and only Scott Steiner at San Diego Comic-Con last week, and the resulting video (embedded above) from Ringside Collectibles is a good reminder of how much fun interviews with Big Poppa Pump are.

In their six minute chat, we get the usual fairly generic answers about favorite wrestling moment and the like. But we also get this answer about a possible WWE Hall of Fame induction:

“I don’t deal in fantasy. I don’t deal in hypotheticals, like where’s the Hall of Fame at? It’s f***ing nowhere. It’s in Vince’s mind, so it’s all bull$#!+. So f*** that.”

And this one about WWE Legends contracts:

“I already got offered one and had my lawyer look at it - it wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. I mean, that’s the biggest crock of $#!+ that there is. Like most WWE stuff is, you know, it’s all about... it’s great to make a lot of money if you’re Vince, but sometime you gotta stop being a prick, you know what I mean? Like, spread the wealth... nothing wrong with having a 401k plan, or insurance for people, I mean - that’s all I got to say.”

Does he “live his gimmick” a bit too much amidst the shoot stuff? Maybe, but it doesn’t come across as creepy or anything (at least to me). And if nobody gets hurt and it gets us this exchange?

Foley: What are the odds, by the end of the day, that someone will end up in the Steiner Recliner?

Steiner: Uh, there’s probably like a 123 23 chance...

Foley: Oh wow.

Steiner: Yeah. Somebody I don’t like. Now as far as a woman in the Steiner - you know, kind of a version of the Steiner Recliner, you know what I mean?

Foley: Oh, I see... I think so... yep...

Steiner: Probably 198 34 chance.

Give me more Scott Steiner interviews, is all I’m saying. This one is a blast, and it doesn’t even cover his Shoneys, or the time he almost saw a murder at Hardees!

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