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Ohh-Ahh! New Hobbs & Shaw trailer gives us a good look at Roman Reigns’ role

While he was away from WWE getting treatment for his once-again in remission leukemia, Roman Reigns also took some time to do a little work on his cousin’s next project. For The Big Dog, that cousin is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and that project is the summer blockbuster Hobbs & Shaw.

The Fast & Furious spin-off coming out on Aug. 2 looks like a blast. Check out the trailer embedded above to see Johnson and co-star Jason Statham serving up “you want to sing a duet with Stone Cold Steve Austin?” vibes from Rock’s old job. The trailer doesn’t feature any Kurt Angle or Chris Jericho run-ins, though.

It does feature Idris Elba’s “black Superman” big bad forcing Johnson’s Luke Hobbs to go to ground with Statham’s Deckard Shaw & his sister (another British spy played by The Queen’s Vanessa Kirby). That means returning to his family’s Pacific island home and Hobbs Customs. That’s where the Big Dog lives and works.

It doesn’t appear to be a dialogue heavy role, but he does get to deliver his signature taunt (just the yell, not the whole fist cocking gimmick) before what looks to be the climactic battle scene. That’s preceded by a Rock-led Siva Tau which really makes me wish Johnson had given the Fatu twins a call, but I digress...

What do you think of this extended look at Hobbs & Shaw? Did Tyrese have a reason to be worried? Will Roman be following in his cousins footsteps as crossover star?

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