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Taya and Johnny Mundo do the KiKi Challenge, sort of

Apparently, there is a sensation sweeping the world. You may have seen viral videos of people getting out of a moving car to dance down the street. That action has a name. The KiKi Challenge or the Shiggy. It is based on a song called, “In My Feelings,” from Drake.

I’m not hip to the hop of listening to Drake non-stop. Or ever. No offense to Team Drizzy. I’m just old and out of touch. I found the term Team Drizzy on the line. I wouldn’t be surprised if saying Team Drizzy reeks of using out of date youngster slang trying to be cool and that Drake fans already moved on to a different moniker.

Let’s enjoy the Mayor and Mayorette of Slamtown strutting their stuff. Instead of a car, the couple danced in a backyard wrestling ring.

For my money, seeing Prince Presley roar like a lion was worth the price of admission. Speaking of, I noticed this awesome artwork of the Pomeranian in a Mundo coat and pose from a different WeraLocaTV video.


If you are wondering why Johnny’s arm is taped up, he recently dislocated his elbow doing fancy moves with baby oil. That didn’t stop him from posing with a punching dummy days later.

Also of interest, Taya and Johnny Mundo wrestled each other one-on-one. You can watch the match here from Taya’s YouTube channel.

What do you think of those dance moves? Are they KiKi certified?

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