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FTRR? I don’t get it

The Young Bucks have established themselves as the savviest business men on the wrestling scene, and in the latest edition of their Being The Elite web series (embedded above - the key scene happens at about the 8:20 mark, after Marty Scurll’s sponsored celebration), they’re continuing to push their newest marketing scheme/catchphrase.

We’ve covered #FTR before. Now comes #FTRR. And the question is... do you get it?

Of course Matt gets it - he came up with it. Kenny does. Marty too. Even Cody gets it. The jury is still out on Yujiro. But here’s the thing - I don’t get it.

Looking around the web, there seem to be a few common guesses:

  • F*** the Roman Reigns
  • F*** the Royal Rumble
  • Forever/F*** The Revival, Right?

But I just don’t know. Maybe it is just f***ing stupid.

Or... and work with me here... as we know Matt follows cSs on the Twitter masheen, maybe it’s The Young Bucks way of honoring our own Randall Ortman!

Forever The Rumor Roundup!

Yep. That’s it.

I get it.

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