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Brock Lesnar tells Paul Heyman he's fighting at UFC 200 because he 'wants to'

There's not much new ground covered in this sitdown conversation between friends and business associates Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman for the latter's YouTube channel, Heyman Hustle. If you watched Lesnar being interviewed by Hannah Storm on ESPN yesterday (Monday, June 6), much of the same ground is covered.

In fact, probably the most interesting thing the two WWE-contracted performers do is not talk about their mutual employer. None of WWE, pro wrestling, SummerSlam or Vince McMahon are mentioned once in the almost seven minute video posted above.

Aside from that omission (and however we on the internet choose to interpret it), Lesnar tells Heyman the same things he said on SportsCenter. He made the call to Dana White to initiate his comeback, his last run in UFC was marked by illness and he doesn't want to have his lasting memory of being a competitive fighter characterized by his diverticulitis, and he's heading into UFC 200 to face Mark Hunt feeling great.

Heyman and his client definitely have great chemistry. The easiest explanation for their relationship is that Brock's weakness is his microphone skills and Paul is a legendary talker, and the decision to pair them on SmackDown all those years ago stems from that. At this point, fourteen years later, it's also because they're comfortable enough together that each man is at his best with the other by his side.

You see it in the first answer, as Heyman asks him why he's returning to the Octagon:

Why? I guess because I want to, that's why. And that's the only reason anybody should do anything, right? Because you want to.

His advocate helps Brock sound bold and confident yet still likeable. They're a special combination.

But when he steps into that cage on July 9 in Las Vegas, their comraderie won't help him. But, as he does in WWE, Heyman's helping to sell Lesnar's appearance and reminding us again what a treat it can be to watch the two of them work "their gig".

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