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Scott Steiner was an eyewitness to an attempted murder at a Hardee's

It's never a slow news day when Big Poppa Pump is around.

Last week in Acworth, Georgia, a man crashed his car near a Hardee's. He was fleeing an assailant, who had shot him multiple times. The assailant then entered the Hardee's to search for the victim. The assailant was arrested and the victim survived, but the crucial part of the story here is that one of the witnesses was Scott Steiner.

The best part of the above video, where Steiner recounts what happened to a local reporter, is probably the reporter identifying Steiner in voiceover as "a man who owns a restaurant."

If you were wondering how Steiner is dealing with being a witness to a crime like this, don't worry. He's spending his Tuesday opening a Shoney's in Georgia, along with Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Buff Bagwell and Rey Mysterio.

That's the most star-studded Shoney's in history, for sure. This is probably the most I've ever regretted not being at a Georgia Shoney's on a random Tuesday. Top five, at least.

(h/t to UPROXX)

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