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Chris Jericho is the best there is at what he does... including deliver your weather forecast

Is it clear to talk about how great Chris Jericho is again yet?

A month ago, those words were cause for ridicule and possible attacks. Now that he's turned heel and we're free to kayfabe hate him, most internet fans seem to be okay with Y2J again.

Which is cool, because it means we can laugh along with silliness like this, his latest foray into meterology.

Despite indications from the Weather Network and Jericho that this is a first, he actually crashed a Phoenix forecast back in 2014. But this is the first time he's turned terminology into band names, so that's pretty froot.

Now let's hop in the car and rock out to some Mezoscale Vortex on the way to the Sheboygan Applebees.

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