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Always wanted to see Rusev hold a gun on Dolph Ziggler pretending to be a cop? WWE Studios has finally made a movie for you

The trailer for the next big WWE Studios flick, Countdown, hit today, and if you thought Scooby Doo! WrestleMania Mystery was the greatest thriller ever set at a pro graps event... think again.

Okay, so I haven't actually seen the cartoon in question, but if it doesn't have Kane as the weary police sergeant dealing with Dolph Ziggler as the loose canoon detective while they battle rejected John Wick extras to save the life of a kid at a WWE house show, Countdown wins.

It's the kind of 80s action movie pastiche-cum-Adult Swim show that might be best left as a commerical, but if I don't watch it in full, I'll never know if Rusev is just trying to protect the locker room from potential rogue elements, or in league with the cheesily-accented villain.

Here's the official description:

This electrifying thriller is directed by John Stockwell (Into the Blue) and written by Richard Wenk (The Equalizer). When a madman kidnaps a young boy and rigs him with explosives, Ray (Ziggler), haunted by the loss of his young son, defies his captain (Kane) and takes matters into his own hands. Now he must beat the clock to stop a psychopath and save an innocent child.

All of your questions will be answered on Apr. 5.

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