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This video of Neville's possible ankle injury is NASTY

WWE Universe on Twitter

On Monday night's Raw, Chris Jericho had a match in the 10PM Eastern hour against Neville.

It was a familiar enough set-up. Y2J cut a heel promo on the fans and fan favorite wrestler AJ Styles. Slammy Award winning high flier Neville appeared on stage following it... you've seen it a million times on WWE television.

The bout came to an abrupt stop after the Brit went to slide through his opponent's legs. It was a standard move Neville does all the time, and at regular speed, it looked normal. But here, Jericho screamed at the referee and shoved him, prompting a disqualification. The audience both at home and in Pittsburgh was confused, as the veteran grabbed a mic to set-up what we can presume was the planned post-match interaction with Styles.

Some slowed down video making the rounds online shows Neville's slide before the match was stopped. I'm no doctor and it's important to note that nothing is confirmed at this time, but this does not look good:

Honestly, I can't even tell if his ankle or knee is more at risk. Nothing about what his left leg does looks right to me.

We'll hope for the best and update you with official word as soon as we have it, Cagesiders.

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