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Edge & Christian play kazoos, talk TLC matches with Stone Cold Steve Austin (video)

If you missed Edge & Christian on WWE Network's Stone Cold Podcast last night (September 7, 2015), you missed a really fun show.

While it lacked the newsworthiness of Steve Austin's first specials on the streaming service with guests Vince McMahon & Triple H, this one was a great mix of smart pro wrestlers (not sports entertainers) who love the business and enjoy hanging out with each other.

You can find a recap of the show here, and check out the two clips WWE has released online above. In one, Austin set the two lifelong friends up for "serious" question before surprising them with a pair of cheap kazoos and a request to perform his theme song as they famously did with Triple H and Kurt Angle's on Raw during the Attitude Era.

The other features a small part of their discussion about the other thing that put them on the map in WWE, their ladder and TLC matches with The Dudley and Hardy Boyz.

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