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37 seconds of the best move in professional wrestling (video)

Confession time. I'm a Spinebuster mark.

It's why Arn Anderson will forever have a place in my all-time top ten, why I could never really hate Triple H even at his mid-Aughts politicking, Raw-hogging worst and why I was looking forward to Batista's return despite the writing on the wall that it might just be a disaster.

WWE's latest Fury video, which you can watch above, is a bone-rattling compilation of 22 hard-hitting versions of the move. I'd have included a little more Arn, some Leo Kruger/Adam Rose and bought the TNA tape library to include a few Double-R's from Bobby Roode, but it's still a great way to spend a little more than half-a-minute this holiday (if you're in the States) or Monday (if you're anywhere else).

Let's also break up a slow news day with talk of your favorite (what a) maneuvers. Any other Spinebuster aficionados out there? Who has your favorite one? What other moves get a pop out of you almost every time?

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