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The New Day restarts drive to #SaveTheTables with new Public Service Announcement (video)

Sure, it kind of looked like maybe the whole #SaveTheTables movement was a sham when The New Day set-up a folding one and attempted to hit a 3D on The Dudley Boyz at Night of Champions.

But perhaps it was that moment of temptation (and the fact that it backfired, resulting in Xavier Woods getting a splinter in his butt) that cause the champs to refocus and double their efforts to protect good wood.

Toward that end, they've released the above public service announcement. It presents many of the same arguments that Woods, Big E & Kofi Kingston have made over the past month, but it also raises a very good point about the hygenic conditions of floors in the Middle East a couple of thousand years ago, and incorporates some Sarah McLachlan (for which they should hat tip our own Kyle Decker) - which always drives home the point when you're rallying the public to your cause.

Sign the petition, or sign it again, and watch The New Day defend their championship Saturday in Madison Square Garden against those enemies of the human race, Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley.

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