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Just The Young Bucks out here superkicking a dad and his kid (Video)

As the description for the video indicates, The Young Bucks appeared at an IWL show in Southern California this weekend and during the course of the evening, a young boy and his father were invited into the ring. Because this is The Young Bucks, that meant they were really invited to a Superkick party.

The dad gets it first, dropping like a sack of potatoes. The kid, fearless as ever, actually attacks Matt and Nick. He even gets some solid offense in until fatefully deciding to hit the ropes for his next big move. When he turned around, he ran right into a Superkick.

Lesson learned, kiddo.

Here's another angle on it:

Ain't no party like a Superkick party cause a Superkick party don't stop (or discriminate based on age or presence of a parent).

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