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Total Divas season 4 preview video: Everyone hates Eva Marie

In this preview clip for the season four premiere of "Total Divas," the entire cast stands around and bashes Eva Marie. "She should thank god she has a pretty face," Brie Bella comments. "Other than that, she would have nothing." Ouch! The major beef centers around the fact that Eva is getting private, one-on-one training in Los Angeles and she gets to be home every night (Brie is as upset as she is because Eva apparently lied to her). She's not "paying her dues" like the rest of them. Or some nonsense like that. Is it scripted? Probably, but it's no less entertaining. I still maintain Eva could be one of the best heels on the roster if she ever gets this whole pro wrestling thing down, which is the entire point of her taking the aforementioned lessons everyone is up in arms about. You're dying for the return of this show now, aren't you? Only one night of waiting remains!

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