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Diamond Dallas Page explains what made Dusty Rhodes so special in moving tribute video

It's been a month since Dusty Rhodes died.

In that time, we've clicked through many career retrospectives, re-Tweeted his student's memories, watched (again and for the first time) his biggest matches & many great promos, experienced ten bell salutes, read his sons' eulogies and seen WWE Network specials.

So, we probably don't need another tribute. But the one that his friend, mentee and colleague Diamond Dallas Page put out this week is worth a watch.

DDP's is the best explanation I've seen from a non-family member of why Rhodes is one of the few people in the professional wrestling business about whom you never hear a bad word. Page telling the story of his first meeting with Dream, where the legend not only took the time for more than the handshake that locker room etiquette requires, but asked questions about the younger man and thought of a way to utilize his skills to earn money that even Diamond didn't think he was capable of is a great example of why so many loved Dusty so much.

There's a couple of other stories, too, where DDP is motivated by Rhodes to try something new, or not give up, and you can see that Dusty not only helped Page become a champion with a long career, he showed him how to motivate people as he's done with Jake Roberts and many others through his Yoga program.

As he says a couple of times in the video, "without Dusty Rhodes, there would be no Diamond Dallas Page". Seeing Page talk about his friend, we're all reminded what the wrestling community lost - and must remember to celebrate - in Dusty Rhodes.

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