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Video: Behind-the-scenes of Kevin Owens' war with John Cena

Kevin Owens is so good even his behind-the-scenes video is in character.

In the latest bit of evidence that NXT champ Kevin Owens has the proverbial rocket strapped to his back, WWE had cameras following him around for twelve hours before his match with John Cena at Elimination Chamber.

This new video also gives us an extended look at his post-match reaction, some of which went into the "Fallout" video that was released yesterday. Here he also mentions Jim Cornette in a non-inflammatory way, but it's interesting to see them include it in light of the social media and online conversation about their dealings with one another in Ring of Honor.

We're also reminded of how much of himself is in his character, or how deeply invested he is in his character - it's impossible to tell where one begins and one ends. Owens may be the most 'Reality' Era guy yet. This is ostensibly a shoot video, but every second of it is perfectly in story for his feud with Cena.

Whatever comes next, whatever worries some have about his he says in the video - he beat John Cena in his WWE debut. And then they made a seven minute video about his experience.

Nothing about what Kevin Owens does in WWE, or WWE does with Kevin Owens, from here on out should surprise us.

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