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Video: Matt Hardy talks TNA, Ring of Honor, Internet wrestling writers

Current TNA contracted talent Matt Hardy sits upon his "throne" to speak on the issues surrounding TNA, Ring of Honor coming to Destination America, and the manner in which the story has been reported on by pro wrestling writers on the Internet. He speaks well of TNA, saying he hopes to be a model employee and will continue to hoist the flag for the promotion. At the same time, he praises Ring of Honor while saying the two companies have a chance to do something special now that they're both on the same channel. As for pro wrestling writers on the Internet, he's surprisingly fair, saying they have a family to feed no different than the wrestlers and that while they may be writing negative stories on certain wrestlers, that's not necessarily on the writer. In fact, it's likely the wrestler to blame for such a scenario. He does say the talent need to do a better job of keeping in house matters in house. All told, Hardy is as even headed as he's ever been here. Your thoughts on all he had to say?

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