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The Green Power Ranger is still calling out CM Punk in bizarre videos

Jason David Frank is a former Power Ranger who has spent entirely too much time over the past couple years calling out CM Punk for a mixed martial arts fight. Now that Punk is signed to the UFC and done a ton of media to promote as much, he's had to confront Frank's frequent call outs. His standard response is to brush the dirt off his shoulder. Here's Frank freaking out about that.

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"First of all, I've done several shows with you, man. You're the one that started this. You're the one that went into the panel making fun of Power Rangers and agreeing and saying 'yeah, I guess I'd fight him. What color Ranger is he again? Ha ha ha.' I've done two shows with you. We talked. You lied about your jiu-jitsu, first of all. Second of all, then you go to TMZ and you laugh it off like you don't know who I am. This is what bothers me. You go in there and you laugh it off like 'heh heh, no I've never heard of a Power Ranger, no. Don't know why the Green Ranger...' Then you say 'Green Ranger' dude, if you don't know who I am, say you don't know who I am. Another thing at C2E2: You go to C2E2, you talk crap again in your panel, you tell everyone... first of all, you tell me to 'F' off. Then you give some stupid scenario about Green Arrow or whatever you're trying to get the point across, telling me I don't tag you, telling me I'm a stalker.

"This is the fight world, dude. You have entered the UFC. You have entered one of the most dangerous sports of all times, the top UFC brand. I don't care. You just put yourself on the line and you're telling... 'oh, everyone wants to call me out.' Dude, I've been calling you out before you were even thinking about MMA. I've been calling you out for a year-and-a-half and you have not responded. You went to Chicago Wizard World incognito, disguised because I was there. Why don't you come tell me? Why don't you tell me to 'F' off in my face, dude? You're telling me 'oh, forget about it.' I liked you, you're a good dude, but after watching your panel, the C2E2, it pisses me off, dude. I don't care about saying 'well, he'll have another six months of social media.' The bottom line is, dude, I reached out 30 million fans in one week. This is not about social media. This is not about me wanting your CM Punk money. Dude, I give out so much stuff free at Comic-Cons. If they want to buy stuff, they can. If not, they don't have to. Have you? If you have let's do the challenge. How many people have gotten free stuff from JDF? I take care of my fans. I love my fans. I spend four to five hours on social media. I don't need press on you.

"What I want is you to fight. And Dana White, I'll fight for free. It's not about the CM Punk money. Dude, I got more experience than you. I don't care what the haters say, I don't care if this video goes viral, I don't care if one person sees it. The only person I want to see this video is you, CM Punk. That's it. I'm not sorry for what I've done. Yes, everybody wants a piece of you and so do I. The difference is I'll fight you for free because I don't need money. You wish you had the JDF life, that's the bottom line. I don't care if you have the CM Punk life and I have the JDF life; let's shake hands after we fight. That's it, bottom line.

"So my message is to you, CM Punk, eye-to-eye, call me. I tagged you. Respond on your video because I'll see you at the next Comic-Con. If I have to take a flight and see you myself, it's not called stalking, it's called the fight world. Can you say Mayweather, Pacquiao, all the stuff that's been going on, are you going to call them stalkers? No you're not. The bottom line is it's going to be one of the biggest fights in history. That's it. So this is what you do. Welcome to the UFC. I've got more experience than you, buddy. There's no reason why you should say no. So that's it, that's the message. CM Punk, I still want to fight. You're an alright dude but until we see eye-to-eye, I'm going to keep challenging you until you talk to me. Yeah, it's morphing time, buddy. It's morphing time!"

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