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Video: Kane compares Seth Rollins to a young, brash Shawn Michaels

Kane gets his turn in the hot seat with Michael Cole and the focus of the conversation is all about WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. Really, they're just pushing the lingering issues between The Authority's Director of Operations and its chosen champion but the far more interesting, if not intentional, nugget here is Kane comparing Rollins to a young, brash Shawn Michaels. He's kayfabing it, sure, but it may be a lot closer to reality than some might think.

"I think my personal feelings are irrelevant in this matter. Michael, there's an old saying in our business: 'If you want a friend, get a dog.' We're not here to like one another or to dislike one another, we're here to do business. I have stated on a number of occasions, in a very public forum actually, often in the middle of the ring on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown, that I personally believe that Seth Rollins is a spoiled little entitled brat. In many ways Seth Rollins reminds me of a young Shawn Michaels, a man (who is) brash and ready to take on the world and along the way he's not afraid to ruffle a few feathers. And some of those feathers, yes, do belong to me. Nevertheless, as I said, I have a job, I have a role to do. That is to ensure that Seth Rollins remains WWE champion and remains the future of the WWE because that's what is best for business and that's what I intend to do."

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