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Like a House Afire (ep. 25): Lots of options out there for pro wrestling fans frustrated with WWE

Welcome to another episode of Like a House Afire, a weekly-ish video-cast that runs down some hot topics in the world of pro wrestling with opinion and analysis from yours truly.

It was a really crappy week for WWE thanks to Bill Demott, and for wrestling fans who try to enjoy the on-screen product without thinking about the business' horrible history and reputation for how it treats performers. Luckily, there are a ton of options for the wrestling fan in 2015. WWE isn't going away, but it's not hard to find alternatives. We briefly rundown the landscape, with thoughts on the current product and business outlook for TNA, Ring of Honor, AAA/Lucha Underground, New Japan and more.

Warning: This video contains cat butt.

Here's some background on the buzz that drove this episode:

Any of Keith Harris' phenomenal reporting on the Demott story, but this one nicely sums up where we are following his resignation.

The Rise and Fall of WWE fan video

Follow Cagesider KDidz excellent TNA Impact recap posts to catch up on what they've been doing lately.

Ditto Manolo Has Pizzazz's Lucha Underground posts, and here's some other a-hole writing about AAA's big press conference introducing Rey Mysterio last week.

Hope you enjoy the show, and please hit us up in the comments with your thoughts, feedback, questions or suggestions.

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