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Video: Bray Wyatt's latest promo on Undertaker -- 'FIND ME'

Here's Bray Wyatt's latest promo that is obviously aimed at Undertaker. This time he "ponders the afterlife," as described by WWE in its official YouTube upload of the video from last night's episode of Raw in Columbus, Ohio. When will "The Phenom" finally arrive to answer back?

"Since the dawn of their existence, mankind has struggled to answer one simple question: Where do we go when we die? A man of science would have you believe that we just become one with the Earth, nothing more. A man of faith would view things from a much, much different perspective. But what about those like you and I? We're special. For us, there is no death. Wanna hear a secret? This world is our hell. This world is our hell. We don't belong here. I know you can hear me. Now, my eyes are wide open and I don't fear you anymore; I pity you. It's time for you to go home. Find me. FIND ME!"

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