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Video: Looks like The Bunny is coming back with Adam Rose's new character

Did you cheer Adam Rose for saying "poop" a lot in promos now that he's a "down with fun" sourpuss instead of a "party all the time" maker of whoopee?

Well, he's now grumpy about that, too. But that's not the important thing we've learned from this and YouTube video. No, the breaking news here is that - lack of Justin Gabriel be damned - The Bunny is coming back, and he appears to be stalking Adam Rose.

Unless, of course, like Stardust or any number of things that exist on the internet but can never breach the walls of Raw, this exists as a series of short clips and social media postings before disappearing completely.

Or maybe Vince McMahon finally heard about Donnie Darko and plans to have The Bunny beat Chris Jericho at WrestleMania.

Stay tuned.

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