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Who wants Shane McMahon back? You do, according to the Five Things bold predictions for 2015

Don't even try denying it.

In return for making 5 Things the most viewed WWE YouTube show of December 2014, Tom Phillips and team turned the series over to the WWE Universe for their first episode of 2015. And they presented the top "bold" predictions from the WWE Universe for the new year, solicited via social media.

Here they are:

5. The Authority will become even more powerful as Triple H wins the WWE Championship and Stephanie McMahon wins the Divas title in 2015

4. Rusev will remain undefeated the entire year

3. NXT will represent at WrestleMania 31 - possibly with a Sami Zayn title defense

2. Mick Foley's prediction that the Masters of the WWE Universe (Tyson Kidd & Cesaro) will become tag team champs will come true

1. Shane McMahon will return to WWE

I'm down for 2/5 of these to happen.

How about you?

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