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Video: This Bray Wyatt promo is definitely teasing an Undertaker match


"What makes you smile? Is it spending time with loved ones? Is it money? Power? Perhaps it's a memory that you hold dear? Maybe it's something nostalgic from your childhood? But me, I'm different. I find enjoyment from the types of things that your mommy and daddy have shielded you from your entire life. I am not like you. I'm different. I am legion amongst men. I fear nothing, living or dead. So I ask you, what makes you smile? Because after what transpires next I promise it will be hard for you to ever smile again. Run!"

There's still no definitive word on record from WWE or any media outlet on whether or not Undertaker will return for WrestleMania this year but Bray Wyatt's promo from tonight's live episode of SmackDown sure sounds like it's teasing an Undertaker match to me.

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