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Video: CM Punk fan Q&A at UFC 182 weigh ins

Watch live video of CM Punk taking part in a Q&A session prior to the UFC 182 weigh ins today (Jan. 2, 2015) at 5 p.m. ET in Las Vegas, Nevada. We'll have relevant notes and quotes as the stream goes along.

- Punk enters to "Cult of Personality."

- Immediately, Punk confirms he'll be training with Roufusport in Milwaukee. He's known Duke Roufus for some time now and the camp is elite, so it was a relatively easy choice.

- More talk of his not being qualified to fight. He understands why people are saying what they're saying but he's not doing this for anyone other than himself.

- He didn't join the UFC to spite WWE. "That would be a silly reason to put yourself in the Octagon with people trying to kill you."

- He blew off a question about whether or not he's going to fight the Green Power Ranger.

- He's having fun. "Life's too short to be miserable." He put over Ariel Helwani as "a nice guy" who is "smart about the sport."

- His plan is to live in the gym for six months, evaluate where he's at with his coaches, and then go from there. He won't be calling anyone out. He just thinks they'll find someone who matches up with him that is going to make everyone happy.

- He was asked about his credentials and brought up that he's never been given a belt but doesn't think he needs to track his progress that way. He's comfortable on the ground.

- If he loses, will he come back? "That's not the plan. This isn't a one-and-done for me but I don't think I can factually answer that." He says he'll cross that bridge when he gets to it.

- He said the "CM" came from Chuck Mosley of Faith No More, who he was a big fan of when he was younger and that's what everyone called him.

- A fan brings up the concussion issues from his days in WWE and to address the future with that in mind. He says he's not worried about what might happen and he's 100-percent healthy now.

- He says he doesn't view getting signed by the UFC as jumping in front of anybody.

- He's not thinking about following in Brock Lesnar's footsteps. If anything, Brock may have just provided a blueprint.

- Donald Cerrone showed up with a Cowboy hat with signatures from everyone on the UFC 182 card. Punk signed it and gave it away to a kid in the crowd.

- He was asked about who from WWE could transition to UFC. He brought up his wife AJ Lee and not counting her out of any fight, then went with Daniel Bryan.

This was awful.

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