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JBL & Cole Show Episode 93: Hulk Hogan says 'NO' (VIDEO)

The JBL & Cole Show (with Renee Young) is back for episode 93 (watch episode 92 here) and here's everything that goes down throughout the course of the 3:53 of what has fast become the best show WWE produces week in and week out:

- Jimmy Hart is talking to Hulk Hogan about getting rid of Free Birds. They don't need it at Hogan's Beach restaraunt.

- JBL finds replacements for everyone who quit or was fired. He's got Peter Dinklage to take over for Hornswoggle, Drax the Destroyer to take over for Ryback, and Kaley Cuoco to take over for Summer Rae. He had Renee Zelleweger to take over for Renee Young but figured out that wouldn't work.

- Clem Layfield runs into Renee Young. She chews him out for being egotistical and caring only for himself. She knocks his hat off and quickly apologizes to him for being rude. She's just really upset at JBL. Clem, it turns out was on vacation with "her".

- Natalya is talking to her mommy (her word) when JBL shows up to ask if she'll take over for Renee Young. She's flattered and, as it turns out, she hates Renee Young too.


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