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JBL & Cole Show Episode 96: Road Trip of Enlightenment (Video)

The JBL (not) Cole Show is back for episode 96 (watch episode 95 here) and here's everything that goes down throughout the course of the 5:06 of what has fast become the best show WWE produces week in and week out:

- JBL fights with Dr. E about going on the 'Road Trip of Enlightenment'. Dr. E is flustered but convinces him to go.

- JBL convinces Zeb Colter to go with, claiming Dr. E said he has to. Dr. E reveals he did not, in fact, say that.

- JBL and Zeb are joined by Summer Rae, who proclaims she is back.

- FLASHBACK to last week and Clem Layfield nearly revealing who he went on vacation with. He reveals that EMMA is who he went on vacation with. They went bird watching but he couldn't stop looking at Emma.

- It's always summer time when Summer Rae is around.

- Clem and Emma went to the beach and Emma took a ball to the face.

- Someone farts in the car and Summer blames Zeb before the two guys claim it was Summer who was the real culprit.

- Emma is vvery good at hitting balls.

- Cesaro shows up and gives his take on how to improve the show.

- Zeb encourages JBL to testify. Summer calls JBL a good person and he takes this to mean he can go back.

- COMING SOON: Z! Returns!


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