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Triple H: John Cena can be John Cena without the WWE world heavyweight championship

"I'm sure he does, I'm sure John Cena believes he wants to fight (Brock Lesnar on Raw next week). This is the problem that I was talking about with John. He has let his emotions here seemingly get the better of him and he is looking for the fight that he really might not want. Because if he gets that fight, I'm just hoping he'll make it to Night of Champions.

"Because you can want that fight and you can want to do all those things, and you can want to be who you say you are. You can eat, sleep, and be John Cena; eat, sleep, and be John Cena. But the reality of it is it doesn't matter when it comes to Brock Lesnar. John Cena might have to get used to do all the things that he does as John Cena -- eat, sleep, be John Cena, go to Make-A-Wish; eat, sleep, be John Cena, visit the veterans; eat, sleep, be John Cena, do all those things that are so important to so many people and the lifeblood of John Cena. He might just have to get used to doing that in his life without a big shiny gold WWE world heavyweight championship belt around his waist. Because I don't see Brock Lesnar giving a damn about John Cena bringing that fight to him."

A strong angle for Triple H to take: John Cena can be John Cena all he wants, it won't mean he can beat Brock Lesnar. Visiting Make-A-Wish kids and veterans and standing up for what's right doesn't suddenly make him any more qualified or any more prepared to actually win the match he has in front of him and it's time to start getting used to the idea of being all those things he loves being without being the WWE world heavyweight champion.

That brings up an interesting point, though: John Cena has openly admitted that he wants the title and the day he stops is the day he stops. So if he learns he can be all those things without being champion, does that change anything?

Perhaps Paul Heyman can bring this point up in a future interview?

Your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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