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Video: Dixie Carter goes through a table on Impact

And now we go to the video tape.

Well, here it is, folks, the moment (some of you) have been waiting for: Bully Ray finally making good on a promise he made months ago to put TNA President Dixie Carter through a table during an episode of Impact on Spike TV. After a week long promotional effort that included the "Boss Toss" marketing push to drive awareness for it, the big moment finally came last night.

Watch it happen in the clip above.

That is a big bump for a trained professional to take but when you consider Carter is a 49-year-old woman who hasn't ever taken a bump in her life, well, this was somewhat hard to watch.

She talked about taking the bump during an interview with Delware County News:

"It hurt like hell. I have such mad respect for these men and women and what they do every time. I sit there as they come backstage and they're warriors. I talk to professional football players and fighters and NBA guys, and they all tell me they could never do what these men and women do 52 weeks a year, no offseason, multiple times a week.

"People are like, 'Is that table fake?' No, this stuff hurts, it hurts like hell. To be able to do what they do, it was just a small way of me paying respect for what they do for me personally and to our company and for the fans. So, it did hurt, you'll just have to watch and see what really does happen and then maybe I'll tell you how serious it was, but yes, I was injured."

There were reports floating after the bump actually happened back in June that she had suffered a legitimate injury, though the severity was unknown at the time. Perhaps now she'll make it clear.

Well, Cagesiders, what do you think of the bump and how do you feel about it happening?

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