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Video: Ryback explains his injuries before surgery

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Everybody loves THE BIG GUY.

In case he rushes to delete the above video, here's the transcription of what he says:

"Hello, I'm WWE superstar Ryback, the Human Wrecking Ball, the former 4-time WWE champion, THE BIG GUY himself. Everybody loves THE BIG GUY. You may be asking yourself why I'm wearing this cool outfit. Well, I've been injured for some time. I've been wrestling for about seven months with a couple strained groins and two sports hernias. But, you know, that's what we do. Call me selfish, call me crazy, call me an egotistical maniac, I do it for you guys, goddamn it, the WWE Universe. The kids, the grandparents,the fathers, the mothers... especially for the mothers. Mothers love THE BIG GUY, what can I say? I'm going off on a tangent. I gotta get fixed, gotta get some stuff right, because I'm coming back. My good friend Babe Ruth -- you might know him as the Bambino -- he goes 'BIG GUY, never let the fear of striking out get in your way'. Well, I can assure you, Babe, THE BIG GUY is coming back in a big way. And when I do, things are going to go my way. Everybody's going to know, everyone... Ryback rules."

Get better soon, BIG GUY.