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Dean Ambrose is the new 'B+' player (Video)

When discussing Roman Reigns throwing a cinder block at Seth Rollins skull (that was kind of attempted murder, right?!?) on Raw this week and what he might do about it, Triple H had this to say:

"Cole, this is a physical business, it is. I'm looking for "A+" players that can hang and that can be everything I need them to be within this business, which is a very difficult business. I've said it before: Daniel Bryan proved he wasn't the "A+" player; he's "B+", it's why he's not here right now. It's why he's been out for so long, injured. It just is what it is. Not everybody is a tough guy, you know. Dean Ambrose... if you can't hang... the WWE Universe voted for that match, Falls Count Anywhere. They wanted anything to go, they wanted it to all be legal and it was. And he bit off more than he could chew and Seth Rollins took him out. We will probably never see Dean Ambrose again because he is not an "A+" player that can hang. I'm not about to start banning everything that might potentially injure a guy around here or punishing people because they try to push things a little bit. You just gotta be tough enough to hang. If guys like Daniel Bryan, or Dean Ambrose, potentially Roman Reigns, if they're not tough enough (and) they get run off then maybe that's best for business."

Maybe this "B+" player can have the same run the last one did sans the awful injury?

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