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Video: Sting at SummerSlam panel talks WWE run, Undertaker match, Starrcade 1997 finish, more!

On WWE fans recognizing him despite his never having worked for the promotion:

"Based on what happened in Comic-Con a few weeks ago with the WWE fans and what happened here today on this panel, SummerSlam panel for 2K15, it doesn't seem like there's any kind of issue. It seems like they all know, they're all aware, they're all excited. Just this game alone, 2K15 and what has happened. I mean, the video that was made was outstanding. I couldn't watch it at the time because I was flying but I did hear about the reaction, believe me I heard about it. I heard about it from so many people all over the place, especially here in WWE."

On if Undertaker's WrestleMania streak being broken diminishes the potential for a match between the two:

"No, it doesn't diminish things. I did have a moment of 'aww, it's over, I'll never be able to get in the ring with 'Taker'. But because he lost doesn't mean that he's done or leaving. You know, I can't imagine 'Taker leaving or being done, I just cannot imagine that. I don't know what's going on with him for sure but man, I think 'Taker vs. Sting doesn't need a streak storyline; we just need 'Taker and Sting and that's it."

On wanting to get in the ring with anyone else:

"I think a guy from my generation... it only makes sense, not just to me but I think to wrestling fans too, to see me wrestle somebody from my own generation. I mean, somebody that I've never wrestled, most importantly. But secondly, from from my generation, and I think that would be first choice, even for wrestling fans, to be quite honest."

The Starrcade 1997 debacle:

"When the build up was as good as it was, you have to definitely deliver and, you know, unfortunately that was a sign of things to come. Suddenly the unity that we had all around kind of started to go by the wayside. There were sudden problems with lots of different people. Man, it was kind of a rough day that day, kind of an unknown for everybody. What makes the most sense? What are we going to do here? Do we need to change it? All a lot of last minute stuff and some of the timing got messed up on some of the finish stuff and all that, so. I was a little frustrated with the ultimate delivery, you know? I wanted to be able to deliver what the build up built."

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