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Alberto Del Rio speaks: The boss is back in AAA (VIDEO)

For the first time since he was fired by WWE, allegedly for slapping a social media manager, Alberto Del Rio has spoken. The above video was released by AAA. It's not in English, but our friend IRodC helped with a translation:

"Hello fans of wrestling and specially AAA. The boss is back and what better place than AAA to become his new home. Thank you for the support and as you know, where the boss is there's quality and where AAA is there's quality. There's no better place to be. See you soon and god bless."

It's been reported that Del Rio will be in attendance for TripleMania this coming Sunday night opposite WWE SummerSlam. This, at the very least, confirms that he is, in fact, heading for AAA, though it's unclear exactly what his role will be.

For all the latest details on Del Rio's WWE firing click here.

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