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Video: Stephanie McMahon on Brie Bella, SummerSlam 2014, Daniel Bryan

On the legitimacy of Megan Miller and her story:

"The legitimacy, Michael, is up to the authorities to decide. Megan Miller came forward, she had a very compelling story. And you know, Michael, what's so challenging sometimes about being a principal owner is you really have to do what's in the best interest of your employees. This woman came forward with this story and I thought Brie Bella needed to know. She needed to know what kind of a man her husband really is, that he would just use her. They've only been married a short period of time and he's already making moves on the physical therapist? She claims that her boyfriend dumped her and in a very vulnerable state Daniel Bryan took advantage of that poor woman? It's not for me to judge whether or not she was telling the truth but this woman needed to confess and I felt, as a woman, that I should bring this forward and make Brie Bella aware of the situation."

On revealing the affair to embarrass Brie to get her arrested and out of the SummerSlam match:

"I'll admit it seems a little bit ironic that Brie herself was arrested for almost the same physical act that Brie Bella claimed I did to her. (This wasn't a set up), absolutely not. I brought this woman forward, yes. Brie Bella won't listen to me behind closed doors. She didn't answer my text messages, she didn't answer my telephone calls. The only way to get to Brie Bella is for me to do it publicly. It pained me to do that, Michael. I don't want to embarrass anyone but it was important for Brie to know. For Brie to know the kind of man her husband is or to know the kind of woman this physical therapist is. She's spending a lot of personal, private time with Brie's husband."

On possible concern about being embarrassed at SummerSlam:

"Michael, did you see the double Pedigree? Let me just say, Brie Bella is like a stick, she's like a twig. I could throw her around this ring... excuse me, I'm speaking. I appreciate your insinuation about me being embarrassed. You're a reporter so you've got to try everything you can to get me off my game and I understand that and I appreciate it. Poor job, but I appreciate the effort. I'm not embarrassed, Michael. What embarrasses me is that I have to lower myself to even get in the ring with Brie Bella, that's what's embarrassing to me, okay? No question I'm going to beat her at SummerSlam. Whether I've been out of the ring for 10 years, 11 years, I'm at the top of the game no matter what I do. Brie Bella is gonna be sorry she ever challenged me."

On what happens if Brie Bella wins at SummerSlam:

"See, Michael, unlike you I don't waste my energy on thoughts that are never gonna happen. I don't spin my wheels. I have way too much to focus on, way too much to prioritize and deal with. I don't expect someone in your position to understand all of my responsibilities. So I'm not going to waste my time thinking about some ficitional story that's never going to happen. Brie Bella got the YES Lock on me Monday night, yes, she did, I was not expecting it. It's not going to happen again."

On if she's doing this because Triple H couldn't beat Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 30:

"So let me ask you a question, Michael: where is Daniel Bryan? He's injured. How long has he been injured? Yeah, about since right after WrestleMania. My husband could beat Daniel Bryan any day of the week. He didn't, but where is he now? See, that's what you don't understand, Michael, at the end of the day The Authority always wins. Daniel Bryan is a "B+" player, he had his niche. He tried to compete at a level that was way above his capability, mentally, physically. And in spite of his heart, which I give him credit for his whole heart, Daniel Bryan coud not sustain the success. At the end of the day, we did win. I have nothing to prove in the ring against Brie Bella. She put me in a situation where I had to accept this match. I didn't want to have to beat Brie Bella, I don't want to have to embarrass Brie Bella at SummerSlam. But that's exactly what I'm going to do this Sunday."

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