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TNA wants you to know Bully Ray puts Dixie Carter through a table next week on Impact

While TNA is embroiled in turmoil, with rumors of the company's demise running rampant, reports that Spike TV won't renew its television contract, and some of its own talent dogging them in the press, there's still a television show to promote every Thursday night for the next two months at minimum.

What you see above is the latest attempt to do just that.

Yes, the company is spoiling next week's show (though spoilers were readily available on most pro wrestling sites, including ours), giving away the culmination of a months long story that has seen Bully Ray promise time and again that he would put TNA President Dixie Carter through a table. Well, as you can see the set up for in the video, he does just that.

You'll just have to tune in to see the rest.

You could argue this is a smarter play than simply leaving it open ended and hoping fans will tune in for the payoff. It's better to let them know that the payoff is actually coming and there is no swerve this time.

Sorry, Russo.

All that said, what does it say about TNA that it can't find a television contract right now, either with Spike TV or anywhere else, and the main storyline on its flagship television program is a man named Bully putting a crying, 49-year-old woman through a table?

Hey, at least this story reached its logical conclusion, even if it pushes the boundaries of good taste and Carter was reportedly injured in the process.

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