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JBL & Cole Show Episode 84: The Epic Return Of ...

Now available for your viewing pleasure.

The JBL & Cole Show (with Renee Young) is back for episode 84 (watch episode 83 here) and it's time to celebrate. Not just because it's the Fourth of July and America is waving its flag for independence but because it's the return of ...

- Wave it, Big E. 'Murica.

- We learn right away the clock counting up is going to 3600 because that's the amount of time Michael Cole has failed to appear on the show. If the counter reaches that number, it becomes "The JBL Show".

- Naturally, Cole arrives with just five seconds remaining. He wonders who is winning the Superstar Search. In the background, we see The Bunny skipping along until he realizes where he is and quietly backs out unnoticed.

- A random couple see Clem Layfield walking along and call out to him. He slow walks their way, then trips and falls on his face.

- Renee Young celebrates Michael Cole beating the clock right to JBL's face. She loves a beat the clock challenge. She also reveals they'll be in Canada next week, so JBL needs to get ready for that. Dejected, he sulks off.

- Dolph Ziggler is working the phone trying to figure out bogus credit card charges when he bumps into Zack Ryder, who is having himself some whole milk. He already went through all of catering -- "your usual opponent at Raw", Ziggler laughingly explains -- so he plans on ordering takeout. Ziggler wants to tag along but Ryder has a menu already. Dolph takes it and reveals the menu: "IHOP". Ziggler leaves and Zack licks his lips at the idea of carrot cake pancakes. Sick!

- JBL comes across Nikki Bella, who is still handcuffed to a crate. She wants help but he just leaves.

- Clem Layfield is a sad panda about his best friends leaving him. He tries to see the good side, though, and lists off all the people who are still around. We hear "I'm afraid I've got some bad news" repeatedly without knowing the source of it. Finally, Clem gets his phone out and shows that he uses that as a ringtone.

- Billy Kidman makes an appearance to promote his Twitter. He never gets the chance thanks to technical difficulties. Sorry, Billy.


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