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Video: Jeff Hardy talks to Willow; says 'buck yeah' multiple times

What in the world?

Jeff Hardy goes first, speaking to Willow, or a foam head with Willow's mask, or whatever the hell:

"Yeah, the gnats are horrible this time of year. Buck yeah the Hardy Boyz are back in action. Saturday, August the second, Fishkill, New York. It's going to be the Hardy Boyz vs. Young Bucks, dream match. The Thursday before that weekend, a warm up dream match. It's going to be the Hardy Boyz taking on The Wolves on TNA Impact Wrestling, the comes on every Thursday night on Spike. It's an exciting time for the Hardy men. Yeah, I mean the Hardy Boyz. Buck yeah, man, I'm looking forward to it."

Then Willow appears and Jeff Hardy vanishes but the foam head doesn't:

"Lucas disappears as the wind blows confusion. The abstract shadow triangle vanishes in the video as the foam head remains. I am here for something new. Northeast Wrestling, Willow's pro wrestling predictions. The Young Bucks upset The Hardy Boyz when five snakes, seven crocodiles, and 18 hippos storm the ring."


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