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Video: Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella press conference on burglary at their home

Earlier today, word got out that Daniel Bryan's home in Phoenix was in the process of being burglarized when he arrived with his wife, Brie Bella, and the two suspects were running out of the home. So, of course, Bryan ran after them on foot, grabbed one of them, put him in a rear-naked choke, and waited for police to show up to arrest him.

The other suspect got away.

Above is video of a press conference held earlier today so Bryan and Brie could answer questions for the media. Among them:

- Bryan details coming home and how he went about catching the alleged burglar. He says he's borderline ashamed by what he did because he knows he probably should have just let the suspects run away without putting himself in danger.

- The primary concern from both Bryan and Brie was for their dog, Josie, who was also at the press conference.

- The burglar Bryan caught up to was so exhausted he could hardly fight back. "Exhaustion makes cowards of us all," Bryan remarked.

- Bryan is asked about his neck injury and how legitimate it may be considering what he did. He laughs it off while Brie says adrenaline helped him.

- Bryan talks about the burglars nearly making off with a bracelet he got from his father, who just passed away, that read "to the man that you've become, and the son that you'll always be". That's the last memento he has of his dad and he's very thankful they dropped it.

- He reveals that the WWE doctor called him and told him he actually needs to get another surgery based on his lack of recovery from his neck injury. "I've got probably half the strength in my left arm as I do in my right arm."

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