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JBL & Cole Show Episode 87: Jon Gruden's QB Camp

The JBL & Cole Show (with Renee Young) is back for episode 87 (watch episode 86 here) and here's everything that goes down throughout the course of the 4:14 of what has fast become the best show WWE produces week in and week out:

- Clem Layfield runs into Jon Gruden backstage and tells him all about his plight while everyone is hunting for The Bunny. Gruden gives him a game plan to deal with the situation.

- Zack Ryder is working out backstage next to Dolph Ziggler when The Bunny hops by. Triumphant, Zack proves to Dolph he's not The Bunny. "Yeah, I know, everyone knows that, idiot. It was a joke."

- JBL tells Zeb Colter he recruited Shawn Michaels and Keith Mark to help catch The Bunny. Renee Young and Summer Rae reveal they already have a plan. Hornswoggle arrives and asks about catching The Bull. Renee bets JBL $100 (Canadian) that they'll get to The Bunny first.

- Billy Kidman is still trying to plug his Twitter when Bad News Barrett shows up with some bad news. He tells Kidman there's a higher force in the universe letting Kidman know that no one cares about his Twitter.


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