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Video: Brad Maddox wants to make you feel his pain

He's still going.

Brad Maddox is still going on and on in that cave, or his closet at home, or wherever the hell he is, on how much pain he's in now that he's no longer the General Manager of Monday Night Raw after being fired by WWE.

"Well, why haven't you been trying to find me? I'm not hiding anymore. I've been standing out in plain view. Are you jealous that I had my moment in the sun and you didn't? Don't be. Have you ever loved a woman that didn't love you back? I have. She was amazing, and she was beautiful, and we had the world together. Then one day, she didn't love me anymore. This company I once ruled... I'm gutted. I've hit rock bottom. This knife in my side is a hopeless pain. Hopelessness is dangerous when you've had it all. This cave... this cave is a prison. I live in pain. I once rubbed shoulders with the greats in this industry. Now, I've never felt a pain like this. I can't handle it anymore. I bet I could make you feel this pain if you give me a chance. Where's my knife? First person to find me gets to feel my pain."

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