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Video: Heel Paige cuts her first promo after Raw last night

This could be interesting.

"What are you talking about? It was coming. I told her, Eden, that it was my house and she did not believe me. Okay? She did not believe a word I said and I told her not to underestimate me, okay? So before I get angry with you, I'm going to walk away and enjoy the rest of my night, okay pumpkin? And I really enjoy the skipping thing, it's actually very exciting, you get all excited. You should try it out."

This is good.

Paige's character since her debut has been "just a sweet girl who wants to make it in this tough world" and despite her success -- winning the Divas championship in her first match and holding it for a couple months -- no one has taken her as seriously as she has wanted.

Now, she's struggling to maintain the initial "just a sweet girl" and focusing more on the "making it in this tough world" and this could be a strong angle for her, especially considering she's got an amazing dance partner in AJ Lee and the turn was done effectively on Monday Night Raw last night in Miami.


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