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CM Punk: 'I'm never, ever going back to WWE'

Straight from the man himself.

"There's chunks of my life that I don't remember due to staph infections and concussions. You can't blame it all on drugs with this guy because, you know, I'm straight edge. What's been going on the past six months? Boom! What's up? Off the market. I'm CM Punk, I'm just a superstar. No. Never, ever. Never, ever, ever! They're going to go crazy about that on Twitter. They're going to hold me to it. And they're going to... yeah, whatever."

As you can tell watching the video, he's playing coy here. We can't be certain he's being serious and we can't be certain he's not. He could, of course, mean it now and change his mind later when he's fully healthy and had plenty of time away.

For now, he's done and enjoying life.



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