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Triple H explains putting Roman Reigns in WWE title match at Battleground 2014

Well, here's your explanation.

Fans of logic were in an uproar when Triple H told John Cena he would be defending the WWE world heavyweight championship in a Fatal 4-Way match against Randy Orton, Kane, and Roman Reigns at the Battleground pay-per-view (PPV) on Sun., July 20, 2014, in Tampa, Florida. The first two make sense, sure, but why the hell would Triple H, who has been on a collision course with Reigns for months now, give him a title shot? What's more, why would he create a scenario unfavorable to his preferred charges in Orton and Kane?

After all, he could have simply booked a triple threat elimination match, had Orton and Kane gang up to eliminate Cena, then had Kane lay down to put the belt on Orton.

So why put Reigns into the mix to even the odds?

His explanation, seen in the video above:

"It's what the WWE Universe wants, isn't it, Cole? You hear the reaction Roman Reigns gets. I mean I look at it like this, in some ways it's best for business. I give Roman Reigns an opportunity to become WWE world heavyweight champion. I know John Cena knows how bad Roman Reigns wants to be champion. I've seen the look in his eye so I know that Cena's seen the look in his eye. I also know that Cena's well aware of how popular Roman Reigns is. That's a collision course. If I was John Cena and I was looking across the ring at three guys that hungry to be in my shoes and I don't even have to get beat to lose what I have... that... that is the hard way."

That work for you?

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