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The Rock talks in more detail about the possibility of wrestling for WWE again

As ever, The Rock's wrestling brain overrules his heart. He'd love to wrestle another match for WWE again, but only if the opponent is right. That could be Brock Lesnar, but WWE don't seem keen on that idea.

Earlier today, we reported that The Rock seemed far from enthused at the prospect of working one more match for WWE when he was put on the spot at the end of rapid fire Q&A session on ESPN SportsCenter. All he could muster up was a very nonchalant and noncommital answer of "Possibly. Sure."

However, he was somewhat more positive about the opportunity when he was given the chance to open up more on the subject in an interview with WWE super fan Michelle Beadle (best known to wrestling fans for calling CM Punk fuckface at WWE's Tribute To The Troops last year and being confronted by his girlfriend AJ Lee for such a blatant show of disrespect) on ESPN SportsNation:

"Yeah, I would love to wrestle another match again. You know, I got hurt at WrestleMania and the plan was the very next night on Raw I was going to start a very long feud with Brock Lesnar and unfortunately when I got hurt and I had to go home and get MRIs the next day and I found out I tore two tendons from my pelvis in the match against John [Cena], so the plans for me and Brock were put on hold. WrestleMania 30, the main event, one of the main events was gonna be Rock versus Brock part two and if that had gone well then we were possibly thinking about WrestleMania in San Francisco, but as with athletes and what we do it just happens and injuries [happen]. It was such a bad injury that it sidelined things for a good time. So there's other plans for Brock right now, and getting back in the ring, right now, I've been talking to Vince [McMahon] about the idea. It's one of those things we just have to figure out who, what opponent would make sense, what opponent would actually have the marquee match-up value, that of either John Cena as John had in the past two main events we did or Brock Lesnar. So we're still finding guys there now who are hungry guys, who are on the come up like Wyatt Bray and my cousin Roman Reigns..., so I'm not quite too sure when but I would love to go back."

These comments closely match the rumors we reported last month about The Rock's current status with WWE:

"The Rock recently mentioned he wouldn't rule out a return to WWE for one more match but the money and match-up would have to be right. It appears he would come back for a showdown against Brock Lesnar, especially now that Brock has bested the streak, but WWE may not want to go in that direction, though that could change. The idea is either Rock works a match at WrestleMania 31 or he's inducted into the Hall of Fame as the headlining attraction."

So it's just up to the timing being right regarding his movie schedule and for the old man to create the right scenario to whet his creative appetite for a WWE return to happen. However, whether that will be in 2015 remains to be seen.

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