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Video: Brad Maddox is really mad you didn't try to come find him


The latest from Brad Maddox:

"Told you. Told you. Oh, you knew I wasn't in a cave, hmmm? You knew I couldn't upload high quality video without wifi or phone service, hmmm? Smarties. Except you didn't know. You did think that I was fighting for my life in a cave in Mexico and where were you, huh? Where? Where were you? I was in a cave in Mexico and where were you? I've been to the mountain top. I was the General Manager of Monday Night Raw. And I lost everything, everything in my life that I ever wanted. This is real to me. You want to know where I am? I'm sitting at home jobless. This is my life. This is my cave. We're all fighters. Come find me."

Bravo, Brad.


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