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Video: 14 and BO!

"I am Bo Dallas. I never duck out of a challenge. I take on all comers, any time, any place. And thanks to all my Bolievers, I am undefeated since my WWE debut. I am living proof that dreams do come true. If you work hard enough, your dreams can and will come true. On my journey to the top I've learned that we don't conquer the mountain; we conquer ourselves. Whether it's in this ring or in life, you have to be better than excuses. And then you will be victorious. But the truth is you don't get satisfaction from just victories. You get the satisfaction from effort. If you gave it your all and you gave it everything you got, you're already a winner. All you have to do is BOLIEVE!"

We hoped WWE would run with the Bo Dallas win streak but we couldn't possibly know how glorious it would ultimately be. It's even better that he's not actually undefeated (he lost in a battle royal) because of course this idiot would claim as much when it isn't true.

Is anyone else absurdly excited for win number 22?

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