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JBL & Cole Show Episode 85: Bunny Becomes The Hunter (Video)

The JBL & Cole Show (with Renee Young) is back for episode 85 (watch episode 84 here) and here's everything that goes down throughout the course of the 4:53 of what has fast become the best show WWE produces week in and week out:

- Clem Layfield runs into Bret Hart. He wants Bret to help him reenacte the commercial he tried to do last week. He screams and Bret calls him an idiot.

- Renee Young hears someone hyperventilating. She finds Zeb Colter, who is freaking out about hearing he is, in fact, in Canada.

- The Bunny tries to buy some merchandise, apparently some Zack Ryder gear. Dolph Ziggler shows up and bombs him.

- Eva Marie and Nikki Bella are chatting about how hot Nikki looks. Eva wants to go to catering to eat and offers to "race" to get there. Nikki agrees but she's still handcuffed to a crate.

- Billy Kidman show up again. He plugs his Twitter after technical difficulties last week. Naturally, there are more technical difficulties this week.

- Hornswoggle is hanging out with Summer Rae when they spot the bull. Hornswoggle launches a dart at him but hits a recovered Zeb Colter, who passes out in a chair. El Torito wiggles his groin and leaves.

- JBL runs up and yells at Hornswoggle for shooting Colter, a "war hero". The Bunny shows up, so JBL tries to shoot him. Instead, he hits Clem, who was running up excited about meeting Bret Hart. "Uncle John, I met Bret Hart. I'm going to a Dungeon!"

- "Enough of these games ... next week. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"


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