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Video: The Barricade of Doom

The video above is, quite simply, WWE satiating our appetite for destruction. The barricade has been used to great effect through the years -- especially recently, for whatever reason -- so why not capitalize on that with a short but fun video highlighting the misery of the wrestlers who have been subjected to it?


- Daniel Bryan taking Sister Abigail on a reversal of a suicide dive
- Brock Lesnar tackling Mark Henry through it
- Roman Reigns spearing Undertaker through it
- Seth Rollins throwing Cody Rhodes into it
- Roman Reigns spearing Goldust through it
- Roman Reigns spearing Sheamus through it
- Brock Lesnar F-5'ing Heath Slater onto it
- Brock Lesnar F-5'ing Heath Slater onto it again
- Mark Henry slamming Sheamus through it
- Bray Wyatt smashing John Cena through it

THIS IS AWE-SOME (clap clap clapclapclap).

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